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The vibrant colour and flavour of matcha green tea is popping up on menus and recipes everywhere. Packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamins, matcha is incredibly versatile and can be found in cookies, doughnuts, lattes and even skin care products. Here at BPR, we’ve been experimenting with this emerald-green ingredient and mixing up matcha cocktail recipes that prove there is more to matcha than just tea.

Green Tea Matcha Gimlet

Photo by Today’s Nest

The pairing of matcha and gin in this gimlet recipe creates a delicious balance between the natural botanical flavours. Finish with lime juice, the final product is full of fresh citrus notes.  

Matcha Mojito

Photo by Sinful Nutrition

Ideal for sitting back and relaxing during happy hour, Sinful Nutrition’s cocktail combines the light textures found in a traditional mojito with the cleansing powers of matcha. The perfect way to indulge without the guilt!

Ginger Matcha Kombucha Fizz

Photo by How Sweets Eat

This cocktail will be a fan favourite for anyone with a sweet tooth. The use of ginger kombucha and honey cuts through the matcha green tea flavour, creating a sweet and refreshing cocktail with some added spice.





Feature image by Tasting Table




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