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BPR Top Five | 5 Things You Need to Know About the New Restaurant Concept TORA

Aburi Restaurants Canada has introduced Toronto to the future of Japanese dining with the launch of their newest restaurant, TORA. Recently opened in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, TORA is where Japanese tradition meets technology. Creators of beloved Japanese establishments Miku Toronto and Miku Waterfront in Vancouver, Aburi Restaurants Canada are experts in Aburi Sushi (a flame-searing technique) and introduced it to Canada 10 years ago!

Hungry to try out this new restaurant concept? Here are 5 things you should know about TORA to ensure you really enjoy your visit!

1. TORA is NOT a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. TORA delivers the future of Japanese dining with its state-of-the-art sushi concierge system. Guest orders are delivered via laneways, not conveyor-belts. This is more than a semantic difference. While a conveyor belt sushi restaurant puts out a constant flow of sushi for anyone to take, TORA uses laneways to quickly deliver each order fresh, from the chef’s hands, directly to your table.

TORA Sushi laneway
The Sushi Laneways at TORA

2. Their signature Aburi Oshi sushi is pressed and expertly flame seared. Once traditionally prepared in a bamboo box, Aburi Sushi is one of the oldest forms of sushi preparation. This technique stems from the ancient method of preserving fish by packing it tightly in boxes with fermented rice, which resulted in its rectangular shape. The Aburi Oshi selection at TORA includes a Aburi exclusive – the Aburi Albacore Oshi.

3. TORA’s namesake has a special origin story. Originally from Miyazaki, Japan, Aburi Restaurants Canada founder Seigo Nakamura’s career and innovative vision for the restaurant industry began when he was only 20 years old and took over his father’s restaurant, Sushi TORA in Japan. He brought Aburi style sushi to Canada in 2008 with his first restaurant Miku Waterfront in Vancouver. TORA is his fifth restaurant concept and is named after the Japanese establishment his father founded.

TORA Sushi
A selection of menu items at TORA

4. TORA’s seafood is sourced straight from Japan. TORA serves premium fish sourced from the Tsukiji Market, the largest and most famous fish market in Japan. TORA’s signature EdoPrime Nigiri features the best cuts of fish, is brushed with signature sauces, and is heavily influenced by Edomae style sushi.

5. TORA prepares their sushi rice in a unique way. TORA uses Akazu Shari, or red sake vinegar. The colour is due to the vinegar’s longer fermentation process, giving the rice a slight reddish-brown tinge. The rice is served at a slightly warmer temperature than other sushi restaurants, giving a more melt-in your mouth feel.

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