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BPR Top Five | Our Favourite Food Trends for 2019

New year, new food trends! Say goodbye to avocado roses and edible gold and hello to CBD-infused cocktails and fermented foods. To ensure you’re in the know, here are our top five food trends we think you’ll be seeing and maybe eating a lot of in 2019!

Photo Credit: Sweets by CHLOE.

1. Cannabidiol aka CBD

Though it’s not yet legal to sell cannabis-infused food and beverage products to the public, it’s definitely on the horizon. FYI, cannabidiol (CBD) comes from hemp and can mellow you out and relieve pain, but it won’t get you high like the THC compound from marijuana leaves. It won’t be long until cannabis will soon be served in restaurants and bars, with chefs creating CBD-tasting menus and mixologists crafting CBD cocktails.

2. Reducing Your Environmental Impact

We’ve been bringing reusable bags to the grocery store for years, but 2019 will see a rise in consumers carrying their own straws and cutlery to avoid single-use plastic items. With A&W Canada being the first restaurant chain in North America to ban plastic straws completely, it’s clear that single-use plastic is out and sustainable solutions are in more than ever.

Photo Credit: @risekombucha

3. Fermented Foods

Fermentation creates “good bacteria” that is proving to be incredibly beneficial for gut health and said to help in fighting against digestion issues and obesity. You can load up on that good bacteria by consuming items like kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, and yogurt, but make sure to look for products with a “Naturally Fermented” label.

4. The New Alternatives

People have been substituting dairy and meat for some time, but many other traditional foods are spawning healthier alternatives as well. Newer trends include fish, alcoholic beverages, pasta/pizza and egg alternatives. We’re particularly intrigued by cricket protein powder, a sustainable way to consume protein. With double the protein of beef, we’ll definitely start to see a jump in popularity for this product.

Photo Credit: Goop

5.  Celery Juice

Endorsed by celebrities the celery juice movement gained popularity after Anthony William, “the Medical Medium,” who has three New York Times bestselling books praised its powerful healing properties. Rich in magnesium, it boosts energy, aids in muscle recovery and removes toxins from your body. If you’re interested, the recommended dose is 16 ounces (about one large bunch of celery) of fresh, plain celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

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