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House & Home’s Top Food Trends for 2015

Yesterday we got our trend on at the House & Home 2015 Trends Breakfast. We saw amazing new trends in architecture and design like Modern Farmhouse and Eclectic British as themes that will prevail in 2015. But of course our favourite of the trends presented were the Top 10 Food Trends of 2015. So here we have for you the food trends that will rule 2015:

10. Power Blending – If you don’t have time to eat your veggies, blend them.

9. Small – Cute and compact is going to be the way to eat in 2015. Our pick is Baker Street’s Yummi! Desserts in a Jar. Individually portioned layers of cake and icing packaged in mason jars are delicious and just for you.

8. Vegetable Butchery – Instead of picking up a hand crafted beef burger opt for a hand crafted beet and grain burger instead.

7. New mushroom varieties – In 2015 we will be seeing less of the average Portobello and more exotic mushrooms species like Enoki. We recommend going into East Thirty-Six to try their Duck Confit with duck egg, maitake mushrooms and pecorino semolina to get a taste of this trend. 

6. Asian Dumplings – We are A-OK with eating more dumplings in 2015. We will be heading to the amazing Susur Lee’s Luckee for shrimp dumplings as soon as possible.

5. Precision Scales – Making sure you have the most accurate measurement possible is going to make a precision scale a hot piece of hardware for 2015.

4. Bakery bread at home – Fresh professionally baked bread is definitely going to become a habit for us in 2015. We’re picking ours up at Enoteca Sociale on Saturdays. They have their Backdoor Bakery program where the sell their delicious loaves for $5 starting at noon.

3. Middle Eastern Food – This resurgence of cuisine means we are seeing more ingredients like harissa, smoked paprika and za’atar, and we are feeling great about it.

2. New age wings – Gone are the days of honey garlic being exotic. Next year we’re spreading our wings and trying new wing flavours like turmeric and honey.

1. Chia Seeds – Ch-ch-ch-chia is a super food we will be eating super large amounts of come ’15.

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